An Alcoholist™

Hello. My name is Patrick Burke. 

Presumably, you've come here looking for information about my gin. Although I hate trying to describe flavors, for me Burke Gin is dominated by citrus when it first hits your palate. Once that fades out, there's a more traditional blend of floral notes which I find pleasing and delicate. Your mouth is not my mouth, so your experience will probably be a little different.

As far a who I am? I'm an obsessive hobby dork. I get bored/distracted very easily and like to learn new skills. Starting around 2012 I took up distilling. As I am such a huge fan of drinking, I got involved in the community of distilling dorks. We're just now building momentum as professionals, and it's incredibly exciting for someone who gives a shit about the very nerdy art and science of fermenting sugars into ethanol.

I feel like it's fairly common to feel like you got to where you are by more chance than vision. I hope it's common anyway, since I feel it pretty strongly. My first step towards this profession was towards infectious disease when I was a little kid (read a lot of Hot Zone/The Coming Plague type books, I was and am morbid and a kook). After that I tried to be a doctor, but the people who get to decide who does and does not get into med school were all like "No.", but by then it was too late! I already had this degree in Micro and Chemistry, so I tried to work in industry but it wasn't for me. I get bored watching HBO dramas (commonly agreed to be some of the most riveting stories on the spinning earth), so labs weren't going to cut it. 

That boredom fueled a lot of work time research into topics I had learned about in my Food Microbiology class years ago. I started getting into brewing which led to wine making and so on and so forth. After the first couple years, my dad got in on the action as well and we have made such an epic shit ton of hooch, it's a damned miracle that we are neither obese nor deceased. It is, however, not a miracle that we slowly began to really find the art and the craft in controlling and building flavors. 

All of that is well and good, but doesn't really matter from your perspective. The only thing that matters is that I've made this gin and I really like it,  and so might you! The English language has such a weak vocabulary for taste words and every time I hear someone trying to describe a wine with English words by left eye twitches. Swear to god. 

So, come find me or contact me or wait for me to come find you. No matter which of those things happens, I'd appreciate it if you'd try my gin and I'll appreciate your kindness if you do. 



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Photo Credit: Chelsea Jackson, 2014

Photo Credit: Chelsea Jackson, 2014